Pasadena Masonic Temple Wedding: Aleisha & Alex

He wanted more than anything to hold Aleisha’s hand, but she wouldn’t let him.  So instead they’d walk and talk, and when they arrived at Aleisha’s grandmother’s house, he’d come in and hang out for a little while.  Having grown up down the street from each other, they had known each other since elementary school. But now they were older, almost in high school, and Alex wanted to let Aleisha know how he really felt. That he loved her.

He worked up the courage and expressed his feelings to Aleisha but her reply was not the words he was hoping to hear; she told him that he was too young to know what love meant. They went their separate ways, until they reconnected again in their early 20’s. They decided to meet up, each thinking it was just as friends, but as Aleisha was walking towards Alex, she knew in that very moment that she loved him…even after all those years.  It had always been him.