The Beverly Hills Hotel

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Affectionately called the “Pink Palace” because of its blush colored exterior, the Beverly Hills Hotel is a landmark synonymous with Hollywood glamor. Nestled amongst palm trees and lush tropical greens, this iconic hotel epitomizes luxury and sophistication and offers couples an enchanting wedding venue in Beverly Hills. 

The Beverly Hills Hotel is an icon with a rich Hollywood history. Since it opened it has been a cherished haven for Hollywood elite, and to this day is still a symbol of luxury and glamor. When it comes to Los Angeles wedding venues, this one is the crown jewel for an elegant and flawlessly executed wedding day.

Tropical vibes make an appearance both inside and outside the hotel and give a very LA twist to the otherwise classic luxury and opulence. You’ll find iconic banana leaf wallpaper in hallways, corridors and some of the guest rooms. The tropical vibes are also mirrored throughout the grounds of the Beverly Hills Hotel, with a variety of exotic plants and palm fronds that can make for a lush backdrop for wedding photos.  



The Beverly Hills Hotel offers 5 different event spaces. 

The Beverly Hills Hotel opened in 1912, 2 years before the city of Beverly Hills was founded. Nestled amidst 12 acres of lush gardens and palm-lined pathways, this legendary hotel emerged as a haven for the burgeoning film industry's elite. It has attracted stars like Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, and Elizabeth Taylor just to name a few. Over the decades to follow, it became a sanctuary for celebrities seeking respite, and its signature pink facade became synonymous with luxury. Since its opening, it has hosted weddings for both Hollywood elite and royals. 

Today it remains a time capsule of Hollywood's golden age, preserving the glamor and sophistication for which it has become known. The Beverly Hills Hotel is more than just a wedding venue, it’s a landmark steeped in history. 


MAX CAPACITY: 1000 standing
The Huntington Ballroom can host a large, luxurious LA wedding. With sparkling chandeliers and an adjoining foyer, it allows ample space for versatile layouts and an unforgettable experience for your guests. This historic ballroom also boasts sound-proof walls. 


MAX CAPACITY: 600 standing / 360 seated
This versatile ballroom can be divided into three private areas. French doors open onto a Spanish-tiled terrace and adjacent is a private foyer with a built-in bar. Elegant chandeliers offer a touch of timeless elegance.


MAX CAPACITY: 220 standing / 170 seated
This iconic ballroom, adorned with crystal accents and a spacious dance floor, captures the essence of Hollywood glamor. With panoramic windows overlooking the palm tree lined Sunset Blvd, it also offers lots of natural light for daytime weddings and events. 


MAX CAPACITY: 400 standing / 150 seated
The Crystal Garden is a lush oasis nestled within the enchanting grounds of the Beverly Hills Hotel. It offers an intimate and magical outdoor location for your Beverly Hills wedding. 


MAX CAPACITY: 100 standing / 80 seated
Wood-paneled walls and Art Deco styling, adjoining a private patio, make this room ideal for more intimate weddings and events. 

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The hotel boasts 210 guest rooms, including 23 private bungalows, offering luxury accommodations with a resort feel